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9th Pauntley Real Ale Festival

12 noon to 11pm Saturday 2nd June 2018

Pauntley Village Hall

Brand Green


GL19 3JD


Committee Members Andy & Mandy Hampton, Rik & Patricia Kucharski, Mark & Jo Robinson

Welcome to our festival - Now a firm favourite on the social calendar of many a Pauntley parishioner - However, ALL are very welcome!


As founder members we hope that the fruits of our labours (well someone HAS to taste test the beers!) in organising this event can be enjoyed by you and your friends and families, from near and far. And no worries because well behaved children and dogs are also most welcome too.


So do come and join us for the day, enjoy a drink / snack from our bar, food from the BBQ, and chill out listening to our terrific bands who would love you to let your hair down and sing and dance along to their music.


So how did it all start I hear you ask?

Read on ...

In the sleepy parish of Pauntley; where nothing really happens, there was disappointment in the air...


Sent: Wednesday, 6 January, 2010 18:15 Hrs

Subject: Judas Fires


I have checked the weather forecast for Friday and the following week both of which look ‘frosty.’ I think therefore, that we had better postpone this year’s Judas Fires indefinitely.

I expect you are as disappointed as I am, but if you have faith in the Global Warming Gurus this shouldn’t happen next year. Should it?

All the best and thank you all for volunteering to help again, especially the ladies who were going to cook the hot food. Maybe we can think of something to do in the summer. Any ideas?



The response however was inspired:

Sent: 06 January 2010 19:46 Hrs

Subject: RE: Judas Fires

What about a Pauntley 'Real Ale' beer festival?

I would be prepared to host, and get a barrel of something to kick it off.

Could be a BBQ as well - everyone brings their own burgers / sausages to cook?

Something to consider while we're all digging ourselves out of the snow!


Mark Robinson

And it didn't take much to second the motion either:

Sent: Wednesday, January 06, 2010 21:15 Hrs

Subject: RE: Judas Fires

Hi - Happy New Year to all.

Shame about the Judas Fires being cancelled - Was so looking forward to playing my part ;-)

To those who don't know us, we are Rik and Patricia who only moved in last Nov. What a place - What weather! Since then we seem to have had the wettest Nov...! Then the coldest Dec...!! Now we appear to be heading for the snowiest Jan...!!! Whatever next?

Anyway, on a brighter note, I'd like to second Mark's excellent suggestion. Particularly so as I'm a real ale lover (Patricia less so, but I'm working on that) we're both members of CAMRA (Hic!) and were regular helpers in the real ale tent at the Linton Music Festival. Also (as those who were at our housewarming can testify) a firkin (or two) can easily be sourced as / when required.



Such was the enthusiasm generated that by the end of that month, we’d recruited the assistance of our good friends and neighbours Andy and Mandy Hampton, were offered the use of the village hall and created an outline plan ...



And if you're now curious about our Judas Fires ceremony then follow this link for more info which can be found under the sub-title "Twelve-Day Eve": http://www.thebookofdays.com/months/jan/5.htm

(Who would have thought a beer festival to be so educational!)

Please Drink Responsibly - Don't Drink And Drive